Bass explosion at Oshay Again

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  1. Well tried a few guys this afternoon to go out on Oshay this evening and could not find a taker. Ended up on water by myself. Neighbor wanted a few crapipes so i said i would pick up a dozen for him. So since i was by myself i decided to just eplore the west shore since wind was pushing on it. Was throwing jigs in 6-10 foot water range catching crappies,white bass,a catfish. Decided to hit a rocky ledge that is 6 foot on top and slopes down into 15 foot of water. Have caught saugeyes on it. Got there and second cast a 15" saugeye. Thought this was good lets see what happens 2 casts later a hard hit on my jig fish with good weight turned out to be a 16" largemouth started looking water over good and in the ripples on top of ledge could make out some boils cast again 3 cranks boom another largemouth twin to one i just got. Cast again another. Then i got excited knew i had a school of bass on the feed like about a month ago. Made my hair stand up as seen in pictures:p Put jig down and started throwing my 3/16th vib-e. It was on had a fish every 2-3 casts. Best part was the smallmouths i hit they were rocket launchers. Had to call the guys who missed out in coming to rub it in. It was great called one buddy as i got him i said listen made a cast and bam line was peeling off my pole. Biggest smallie i have had on in awhile 18" at least and heavy i fought it and dropped phone on boat floor yelling to Mike as i was fighting it got it to boat side and net was hung up in tackle box and seat by the time i got it undone she tore off:mad: Said bye to Mike called a few other guys and just rubbed it in big time as fish just kept coming in. All in All caught over 30 Largemouth and Smallmouth. The baitfish went down but the bass stayed on ledge till right to dark. I started sinking vib-e with long casts on edge and slow pumped it back change color from white and blue to white Chartruese and that got another 4-5 fish as they were cruising about 8 foot water on bottom. Wished someone else was along it was crazy. What a feeling on the river all by yourself bright full moon coming up and fish biting just a evening that i will not forget. In the fun i tried getting some pictures In the first one notice in BACKGROUND THE BOILS FROM THE BASS ATTACKING SHAD:) Oh yeah the crappies were biting as well neighbor was happy;) [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    you're too much,troy:p :D
    hard to top that kind of action.and you were throwing one of my all time favorites
    blue/white seems to be a magic combo for almost any species.

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    Hmmmm, I never got a call until you were smack dab into em.:(
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    sorry about your luck:p :D
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    you're quite welcome:D
    don't feel bad.all i got was a pm after the fact,with a blow by blow:( :D
  6. Jeez guys i had to tell someone :) Rick Blue and white is the ultimate all around colors it seems. Caught all species on it when others woould not work. Will hopefully test it again real soon.;)
  7. If you'd like to add me to your call up list when you've got an empty seat let me know and I'll PM you my #.

    The last action I had like that was getting into a school of yellowtail tuna in San Diego years ago. Since then FW has been really disapointing.