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Bass Clubs

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by jaredj, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. Hey all, How can I join a local bass club? Meet some anglers and learn how to fish :). I keep getting skunked here and getting frustrated. Can use all the help I can get. I live in Hilliard, not sure how clubs are. Thanks for your help
  2. Talk To Phil Carver. Midwest Sportsman Director For Columbus Ohio Runs A Really Good Can Find Info In Tournament Board On This Site. If Not Able That Way 1-614-348-2410

  3. jaredj, check out O.B.C.F. ohiobasschapterfederation. Lots of central ohio bass clubs listed in there. Joining a club is a great way to get better at the many aspects of bass fishing. Helping our Youth, bettering our environment, new techniques and new friends are only a few of the many benefits. Good luck.
  4. I second that motion, talk to Phil. The Midwest is a nice place to start for beginners. I am having a ball and learning alot along the way. His screen name here is hydrasport73 send him a pm it still might not be to late to join up.

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    2 B.A.S.S afiliated clubs that I would strongly suggest looking into would be Twin Rivers and the Alum Creek Basmasters . Both are very organized and are out to help each other out no matter if it means giving up some secrets . :) They both have a good record of members advanving onto the nationals and are both dedicated to introducing youth into the sport . You could also join Twin Rivers as an associate member I believe for a lower fee and still benifit from good friends and have the opertunity to fish with many different members and learn from them .

    I myself direct the Central Ohio Division of Midwest Sportsman . Although we are not classified as a club , we try to help each other out so that ever-one can catch fish ! For example , at our last tournament , I myself gave a member a lure that he used as a last resort and ended up catching his 2 keepers on it . :) I welcome you to give me a call or shoot me a pm and I will help you out any way I can .
  7. You can always ask questions here too and get help. We'll do what we can. Joining a club is a great way to go also. I joined one up here in Akron and it's been great. Lots to learn and it's good to find people to help you out.
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    What would be the closest clubs around the knox lake area? Also what is the general cost involved in joining a club?
  9. fish4fun, one club close is Kokosing Valley.
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    Shoot me a PM or email, Jaredj, and I'll provide date and time of the next Columbus Bassmasters meeting. Best way to decide on a club is to go to a meeting or two and fish a tourney with them. Good luck!

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