BASS/Catfish Tournaments at Deer Creek Lake

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  1. I am looking for info on all the BASS tournaments at Deer Creek Lake this spring/Summer/Fall. If anyone could direct me to websites or copy and paste dates and contact info, that would be great. Thanks ahead of time.

    I AM ALSO looking for a Catfish Tournament info at Deer Creek as well. Dates and contact info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    Here is the DCCA 2008 Schedule:

    2008 Club Tournament Schedule(Must be a club member to fish)

    April 5 Deer Creek Lake 7pm-2am

    May 10 Buckeye Lake 7pm-2am

    June 14 Deer Creek Lake 7pm-2am

    June 28 Paint Creek Lake 7pm-2am

    July 26 Rocky Fork Lake 7pm-2am

    August 16 Deer Creek Lake 7pm-2am

    Championship September 20 Rocky Fork Lake 7pm-3am

    2008 Open Tournament Schedule(Anybody can fish)

    March 22 Rocky Fork Lake (Catfish/Crappie) 9am-4pm(Daytime)

    April 19 Buckeye Lake 7pm-2am

    May 3 Deer Creek Lake 7pm-2am

    May 17 Rocky Fork Lake 7pm-2am

    July 19 Deer Creek Lake 7pm-2am

    August 23 Paint Creek Lake 7pm-2am

    Open Championship September 13 Deer Creek Lake 7pm-7am
  3. Team Bass Xtreme is having a Bass tournament there June 7th.

    You need to pay the club membership fee to fish.
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    Every Tuesday evening 6pm to dark there is a great bass tournament - ran well and always has a good turnout.
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    Doc and Neocats!

    The Deer Creek Catfish Association holds open tournaments(anyone can fish) and club tournaments(must be a paid club member/$25.00) at Deer Creek, Rocky Fork, Paint Creek and Buckeye (Lakes).

    Come on out and check us out!
  6. I have been on the deer creek catfish site but I cannot seem to find how to register for events or become a member. I grew up in Mt Sterling and would love to fish in some of these tournaments. If you could pass that info a long that would be great!
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    Send BuckeyeTom a PM and he can get you set up.
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    Howdy, I'm pretty sure that I have the DCCA President/Dan Caudill's number on the main page of the DCCA site. If not I'll put it there ASAP! Here it is....614-496-5802 or you can e-mail him at
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    Just checked.... Danny's number is there on the main page.