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Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by peon, Jul 19, 2005.

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    im going to be buying a boat soon... i bass fish alot and dont have a whole lot of money to spend so im looking at john boats... i like to looks of the tracker grizzly setups.... im looking to spend about 7 grand... any comments on these boats or something else i should go with.... they look like dunk hunting boats but they have front and back decks and livewells ... the only they i would want to do to it is add carpet....
  2. Well if you want to spend 7g, i wouldn't skimp as low as the tracker grizzley, If you want to buy brand new, the tracker 165 runs 7,995, but there is usually some kind of deal, check at your local BPS. Otherwise if a used boat will work, you can get a nicer bass rig like the tracker 175 or 1 85, or a lund or lowe, check with area dealers, and places like

    and your local newspaper, or tradin' post found at any gas station.


  3. Just an FYI....I have an welded aluminum 98 Xpress H51 17' that I'm going to sell. It's a bass boat with a front deck and a back deck...rod locker...front storage...livewell. It has a 98 90hp Yamaha motor. I'll sell this boat to you for under $7000.00

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    you wouldnt skimp as low as a tracker grizzley??? whats so bad with them? i have never seen one other then the pics on the net..

    dave thanks... but im wanting something with a 9.9 thats all the local lakes allow...