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Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Ra0035, Jun 25, 2007.

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    I got a 18' bass boat with a 115hp on the back and was wondering if I can use it for Tubing or Waterskiing? Do I need to buy something to make it work? Will the outboard get in the way?
  2. I posted a few links below.....
    Kind of off your subject a bit, but can you tell me your top speed and pitch on your prop. I'm trying to dial a new (to me) and it would greatly help.
    Sorry for the hi-jack..

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    I didnt see any links

    between 45-55 mph depending on the water
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    I've skied off smaller outboards, so that 115 should do ok. Mainly depends on the prop pitch to get a fast hole shot.

    What helps, is if you can get a ski pole mounted instead of clipping the rope to the transom eyes. You'll pull up skiers easier with the line attached to a ski pole.
  5. I meant a few posts below your on the main 'boats' page. Thanks for the info, I'm not getting the performance I'd hoped for out of my Mercury 115, only about 34 mph on a 20' lund Alaskan (flat bottom on the rear, v in the front, 20" transom) and I was looking for comparison. My boat only weighs 800# dry weight, so it should run like a rocket, but it doesn't. Do you know what pitch you're running? Mine's a 21", Shakedown's right about the power, you shouldn't have any problems with the hp from the motor, but you might have to drop down a size or so in pitch to get the low end you're looking for.
  6. Got a Lund Tyee Grans Sport, 1850'-- 115hp Merc, 17 pitch. ring hook up, No Problem.
    Got a 20hp. kicker also, got that going last weekend, full power & ran both, it did make a little difference ( i was just experimenting) Why Not!
    But I run a Bass Pro XPS Tube on sale this week at 30% off. (all XPS tubing crap) $69.00 total price, for only 1 person, I even got my lard arse on it & ? it worked. 285lbs.
  7. Nik,
    what's your top end on the 17" pitch prop?