Bass Boat Debate

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  1. Everyone seems to be loyal to a certain truck brand and most have some sort of bumper sticker knocking on the other brands. Guys can go on for hours about why chevy's are better than fords or why hemi's shame all other engines etc. So where does everyone lie on bass boats? What's the best, Ranger, Triton, Skeeter, Pro Craft etc.????? Okay how bout outboards?
  2. Evinrude or Johnson on the outboard. I personally do not like any bass boat. Probably beause I do not bass fish.

    Buddy of mine had Ranger Longhorn Special and we got soaked every time we fished in his boat. Give me the standard deep V hull , like my Lund and I am one happy camper.

  3. peon

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    iv fished out of alot of gamblers and love em.. probally the nicest bass boats iv been on....
  4. Chevy 2500hd 4x4 with a Ranger z22 and an evinrude 250!

    Just a Dream right now!

  5. Ford F-350 SW Diesel 4x4 Crew Cab with a Triton Tr-21X sporting a 225 Optimax......this is only half a dream... ;)
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    the only thang that matters is if yer catchin feesh......... I fish with a group of guys with all different boats and we all swap so we can fish with each other. I fish out of an old Grumman which I love cause it's mine but the other boys have a Ranger, a bass tracker and a Triton. I enjoy all of them. If yer catchin fish it don't matter how you get there. I don't have the money to be pickie so I fish outta my Grumman. Take what ya got and make it work.
  7. Nissan Titan crew cab 4x4 pulling a Ranger 621 with a Merc 250 xs(dream boat)
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    Procraft of course! won alot of money out of a G3 too, those boats will take you where nothing else will... then theres the boat that amatures fish out of STRATOS haha I'm just kidding, don't come down to hard on me Nip. Their probably the most comfortable boat I've ridden in yet but I swear their bad luck. I would have boated that 5 pounder in the last NOAA event had I been in a Procraft :D
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    Yamaha Motor, hands down no questions asked.

    Skeeter boat.

    Nissan Titan Crew Cab 4x4.

    See you boys on the water.
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    Ford with a Merc. Boat brand doesn't matter.
  11. If your talkin Bass Boats has to be a Ranger or Champion they take the pounding. If you talking about Aluminum I say a Lund. But I've only fished from them. Not enough money to get one.
  12. TR20


    I love my new TR21X with a 225 HO Etec, but I think its just want one likes more than anything else. I picked a Triton because of the deck layout and rough water ride. Seems to be pretty fast too. The Etec was a no brainer, at the time (March 2005) I got a 7 year mfg. warrenty.

    So I guess it is just a matter of choice after all you are the one buying the thing. So they are all great too me.
  13. X'Erude junkie turned black this year, and couldnt be more pleased.

    Mercs are hands down the most solid engine running. Have seen many etec and HO rudes with lower unit blown, mostly the shiny new ones, can't handle the tourque. Yammi's have come the distance right with Merc- everything must be DI or 4 stroke, for 06'- both companies have it perfected now. Does Bombardier still own Rudes??? Hmmmm....

    Stratos took me in 7-10 ft waves 40 miles one way, and 40 back, which was most important! The coangler with me that day had been in a new Ranger all week prefishn' and said the Stratos ride was dreamy compared to the 4 footers that bruised him earlier. The only Procrafts around that day were on the bottom!!! ;)

    The new 2006 Stratos are in at Vic's this week! Oh my!!! !%

  14. 7' to 10 footers? come on...with that the minnow would be lost, the minnow would be lost................
  15. Got the 225 Optimax now and love it pushin' my Ranger... Waves? My opinion - with bass boats it is 85 to 90% finding the right speed / trim / wave angle combinations given the conditions. My Ranger 520VX handles the waves just fine. :)
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    Iv'e owned 2-Skeeters,2- Cajuns,1-Hydrasport,1-Ebbtide, 1-Nitro,1-Charger. I now own a Ranger. There is no comparison to the Ranger in quality, constuction and ride. I,m really like the Ranger best. The Charger and Cajun were good in rough water. The Skeeters were the fastest. The Yamaha motors were fast and very reliable, but ate a lot of fuel. The Mercs are the easiest to work on. Had an Evilrude once. Cold natured and doggey. Then blew up. I,m keeping the Ranger with the Mercury. :) Raider
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  17. I love my Xpress Ohio special. I have a 90 and a 9.9 on the back so I can fish Alum one day and Hoover the next. Oh yea, if it's on the back it better be black! Hopefully, very soon a Nissan Titan.
  18. who cares as long as its paid for... but merc powered!
  19. I gotta say this...Friends don't let friends drive Fords!!! Just an opinion, not meant as an insult.