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  1. im new to steelhead fishin. i went a couple times last year and had no luck. i dont exactly know what to use..if u had to pick a small selection of tackle to take with you fishin..what would you use take?
  2. 1/32 jig and maggots, #10 steelhead/salmon hook to use spawn sacs or minnows, and a float such as a drennan, sheffield, or blackbird...oh yeah, and 6 lb fluorocarbon.

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    or some minnows. and even a 3 inch rapala. or a vibrax spinner. the later 2 work well in spring and fall. not sure about winter on the spinner or rapala.
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    Little Cleo spoons, Mepps spinners, jig/maggot, or fresh spawn sacs... light line and a reel with a good drag system.
  5. thanks for the info guys. much appreciated