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    Hello all I haven't been around much lately, too busy with the new house (if its not leaking its no longer working) and new job. Anyone know of any places around NE Ohio or somewhere reasonably close that sells plastic barrels that I can make into rain barrels and compost tumblers? I'm not looking for a truckload just some for the new (old) house, maybe like six at most. Preferably food grade, used, and black with large screw on lids but I'm open to suggestions. Thanks in advance, p.s. are the perch in yet?????
  2. Yes, I know of a place about an hour+ from you. Come to Ravenna and go south on rt 44 thru Rootstown down to Randolph, cross 224, and continue South on 44 about 2-3 miles after 224. You will see a barrel in a yard next to the road with a for sale sign on it on your right(west side). The guy usually has plastic and steel and they are well cleaned. The ones I've seen are 55 gal. and have maybe 4 in. screw off bungs in the top. I use the plastic ones for dock floats, or cut them in half for stock watering, and they last forever. I wish I had a name or number for you but if you come on a weekend, I'd guess the guy will be home. It's in a very rural area.
    (ps-When I steelie fish the Chagrin at Todd Field, it takes me about 1-1.25 hrs each way. I live due west of this location about five miles closer to rt 43and the perch are still offshore in 40-55 ft- but coming closer.