barrels for dog houses

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  1. i need 2 barrels to make dog houses out of in the byesville area!!and i was hoping someone on here can help me find them!!!its almost summer and the dogs need to go
  2. Don't know if you have ever used barrels befor. It is VERY IMPORTANT to drill some vent holes in the top of the barrel and make a peaked roof over the barrel. If you don't vent it, you will collect a lot of condensate which makes it very unsanitary in the summer and very cold in the winter. Be sure to get a big enough barrel for the dog to be comfortable.
    I used a barrel for one season and built a regular doghouse which is a lot better all around.

  3. i never used them but money is short right now so i figured with the price of lumber up and dog houses being 50 dollers or better it would be cheaper with barrels for alittle while atleast til i get to work so i have money for the wood
  4. I have used barrels before and they work great. I believe that you can still get a door kit from Dunn's Dog Supply to fit. Drill holes and make sure that the barrel itself is not resting directly on the ground.
  5. There have been metal barrels advertised in the local paper every day for the last month or more.
  6. metal would of been to small........the wife had me out at 1am lastnight spending 200 dollers i couldnt afford on dog houses but she still has her dogs so she is happy and i'm
  7. As long as she is happy you will be!
  8. i sure hope but now i have anouther issue!!my dogs went outside lastnight they never been outside and within a few hours i got woke up by howlin ok i thought it was my dogs but it wasnt but is it illegal to shot a yote if it is 1)fighting with your dogs...2)or if a naighbors dog is fighting with your dog is it illegal to shot it or do i call the cops
  9. FWIW, most (livestock) feed stores have surplus plastic barrels for sale.
  10. It may or may not be illegal depending on were you live. I'd be more worried about acidentally shoting my own dog. It'd be much better to just make a lot of noise like beat on a metal trash can or something. If you can dont chain the dogs as that puts them at a major dissadvantage and try not to leave food outside that will draw the yotes in. Most yotes wont mess with bigger dogs if they are healthy and not chained. Having more than one dog helps too.