Barometric Pressure?

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by ryosapien, Dec 1, 2008.

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    Interested in information on how fluctuations of barometric pressure affect winter steelhead feeding behavior. Anyone care to comment? what is high pressure #? what is low pressure#? Is under pressure by queen a good song? is 35 psi a good tire pressure?
  2. i havent found a pattern of steelhead behavior to pressure, they will bite as long as a couple days of stable weather follows, no matter sunny or cloudy. other pressures you talk about... hmmm... i run 34-36 psi and my car handles better than specified 33. but this is just pressure

  3. I have never noticed BP to effect fish in rivers near as much as it effects fish in the lakes(trout bass catfish it carries for all of them), I worry more often about the weather that pressure change brings.
    past that, under pressure is a sweet song, and my favorite pressure is to have my fly rod bent under pressure.
  4. that's right rking, can never get tired of that rod pressure, even if one can't lift arms the next day