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  1. I remember my uncle telling me that if the barometer was below 30.00 it wasn't worth going fishing. Has anyone heard of this?
  2. I just heard last week that a steady barometer is better for walleye than a varying one but I am going to be very interested to see what everyone else posts on this topic. Unless it has been discussed before in which case you might get yelled at for not checking the search option first :)

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    yea the nerve of some people. just kidding. question good, yelling bad....

    steady, rising, falling. it wont stop me from going fishing one way or the other:p
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    If you know where the fish are on your lake, it wont matter what the barometric pressure says. Just keep changing baits til you find the one that works. I've had days when i've tried over 15 before i found the right one. After that it's hammer time.:D
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    Well the Barometer theory I have never heard of but I have heard of the cows on the hill theory.
    I remember several people telling me if cows are at the bottom of a hill the day in general including fishing is going to be bad. If the are half way up fair and up top good.. Of course I also remember watching the movie The Day After" and one scene you see cows at the bottom of the hill and then the nuclear missles hit the U.S...CRAZY. Fishing was the last thing on my mind then as a kid.....LOL

    Who is to say.....