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Barney Fife lives!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by ss minnow, Sep 30, 2005.

  1. Thought I would spend a couple hours this evening wetting a line in the river, a place where I fished for 40 years. Got a rock bass and a carp. Then Barney Fife shows up and says this is not a parking spot. "Ya need to park up by the road (1/4 mile away)." This here's for horse trailers". Not a freeking horse trailer in sight. Mind you this is about a 100 acre + field. I said you have to be kidding. He said I just enforce the rules. I could give you a ticket. I said you should check my fishing liscense. He said I coulda got nasty about it. Dude, its a metropark, there aint no horses, no horse trailers. It's 4:00 on a friday evening, Ain't nothin but people running dogs off their leashes, runnin in the river messin up the fishing for me, and you are worried where I park my freekin car in a 100 acre empty field? I wish this was Maybery, I'd go down and see Andy. Barney would be in a heap a' trouble.