Barnett C5 Wildcat Crossbow

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by madison_22, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. i was just wondering if anyone know's how this cross bow shoot's or how it is in general since i'm looking to buy one.
  2. The crossbow is very strong and dependable. My girlfriend goes hunting with hers all the time and uses a red-dot scope and has had no problems. She can out shoot me with it and it's not all that hard to cock either. The only thing i didn't like about it is if you break the clip that holds the arrow in place you have to take the scope mount off and resight it in afterward. Other than that it feels good and for a crossbow is realitivly light for me and her to carry around. If you buy one i would recomend getting the camo version.

  3. thank's for the reply, I can get the camo version for 250 bucks at dick's and I don't like shooting a compound bow so I decided to try a crossbow. I think I will probably get the C5. Do you think it shoots the 320 fps as adveritised?
  4. I had a Barnett Rino.I was not happy with it the cable and string set up on the barnett crossbows is on the cheap side and one of the cables on my Rino broke the first year. I got a new cable put on it and then sold it and bought a Horton. The Horton company is in Ohio and they sell a good quality crossbow for around the same price as a Barnett.
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  5. I think it will get the advertised 320fps it says it will. I haven't clocked my girlfriends crossbow but i know it's insanely fast. As for the Rino by barnett I don't know anything about it, or if it is still made. All I can tell you is the truth about the one that we have and nothing else. Havent had any issues with it and keep a tight group of 2inches from 50 yds.
  6. sound's good thank's for the info. i like the speed for the price and the look of it is awesome.