Barbless hooks

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  1. Does anyone know where to buy barbless hooks in Miami County or nearby?
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    I don't know about buying them, but a good hard squeeze with a pair of plyers will turn the barbed hooks into barbless fast and easy.

  3. DOH!!! I should've thunk of that one.
  4. When making your hooks barbless please keep this in mind:

    How the barb-flattening process is carried out is very important to the angler and the durability of the hook. The easiest way would seem to be holding the hook by the shank, inserting the barb cross-wise in the jaws of the pliers, and crushing it down into the cut from which it originated. Unfortunately, this obvious approach can be extremely damaging to hooks, particularly those that are tempered to be quite hard. The crushing process works the steel, often producing tiny cracks or breaks. If the point does not break off in the pliers, it will be likely to do so just when the trophy of a lifetime is on the other end of the line. The proper way to flatten the barb is to place the point of the hook in the jaws of the pliers tip first. This supports the metal as it is deformed and is less likely to cause breakage.

    So come down on the point of the hook with pliers, don't bring the pliers in from the side.

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  5. Or chuck a cut-off wheel in a Dremel and zip them off one-by-one.
  6. Thank you! I bought a pair of Dr Slick smooth jaw pliers to flatten the barbs when I tie flies, but readily admit I have been doing them incorrectly after reading your post. I will do it your way & thanks for enlightening an ol' man! We can always learn, can't we?
  7. Don't feel bad about not knowing this. I didn't know about it either until last year when Quetico Provincial Park in Canada started a new regulation where all hooks must now be barbless when fishing in the park. So I did a little research on making hooks barbless and came up with this little gem. It does make a difference.