Bank Fishing Ohio lakes

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  1. Has anyone had any success bank fishing any Ohio park district lakes? If so, any general bank locations and fish specie would be greatly appreciated. I usually fish the LMR, but would like to explore other fishing areas. Its really tough w/o a boat.
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    It might help you if you would tell us what lakes you are closest to or most interested in. It might also make a difference if you prefer particular species.

    I for one, almost exclusively fish for carp from the bank. I have had look at Caesar Creek and East Fork Lake.

    IF you check out lakes out aerial views of the lakes on sites like you will be able to find a like of accessible areas that should produce fish, especially carp.

    What you need to remember is that a lot of the state parks will be getting hammered quite hard this weekend with recreational boat traffic and easy access bank space will probably be occupied.

  4. Sharon Woods Lake has some of the best bass fishing in this area. They only have one area for bank fishing not very good, but they do have rowboats available for rent. You are aloud to bring trolling motors or 4hp gas motors to attach to the rowboats. click recreation then fishing in the dropdown menu.