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Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by steelheadBob, May 29, 2007.

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    Well sense my boat that i bought had to be returned, we went out to the islands anyways and road around in a golf cart instead of a boat:D I got a couple of smallie's and a couple of large mouth walking around the docks!!, and about 40 of the biggest rock bass ive ever seen in my life, then i was peed off because of no cooler LOL I was using the good old 1/16 oz chatterbait in the silver color. God bless the man that invented that lure. Cant wait to see how the stelhead like it;) I talked to a couple of guys on boats and they are still killing the male walleyes out there!

  2. Nice fish! Plan B worked out for ya!

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    nice fish pics , i have had some memorable trips to kelly's Is. fishing from shore for bass years ago.
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    Nice fish!
    Glad you got into some smallies!
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    Thanks soap, i was trying to stay away from the smallie's, i was targeting the ones that werent nesting!!! The ones i did catch were fun as hell, i had a 6' UL rod and 4 lb test. They ripped my drag a few times, havnt heared that sense stillie season!!!!!!!
  6. 'We don't need no stinkin' boat'

    --Bob and Dee
  7. Nice job. Those rock bass are fun as heck to catch. Only if the got to be the size of the smallies they would be a blast and they do taste very good.
  8. Nice job Bob. Looks like I'll have to start hitting some of the marinas in the Cleveland area. Those rock bass on the ultra light are a blast.
  9. steelheadBob

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    Real funny Steve, just so u know, the other ogf member i sold my boat to told me to keep my other boat......:D :G :F