Banjo minnows

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  1. I was recently fishing with my one of my friend's buddies and he was using Banjo minnows. He swore by them although none of us were catching much that day. I was wondering if anyone here has used banjo minnows and what your opinion is on them? Also, does anyone have any suggestions for a good fishing line. I have been using spiderwire monofiliament 8 pound test and it has been horrible. I do use spinner baits and spoons along with jigs. I have heard good things about fireline. Anyone else have good things to say about fireline? Thanks.
  2. I dont know about the banjo minnows but the best line i have used would SUFFIX in the red package. It has alot less memory than other lines. Another tip would be to try Blakemore reel and line magic, although it is $8.00 a can, it is well worth it! just spray a little bit on the spool and on the rod guides. hope this helps.

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    as far as line trilene xl has never let me down. thats the stuff in the red box. and as for the banjo lure in my opinion every lure catches fish, as long as it is fished in the right way at the right time in the right place!!!!!!!;)
  4. My wife and I used them alot at the fishing pond when we had a camper parked seasonal. We loved them, but I found them easiest to use when there isn't hardly any wind so yous can just play dying minnow with them or quickly skim and twitch them across the top of the water, recast and let them die and twitch 'em. I've used them in rivers, too. A few years ago I tried one while steelheading the Chagrin and hooked into one, but it came off. I was SHOCKED I even hooked one. I still carry them but don't use them as much anymore. I figure I should use some of the other things that make my tackle bag too heavy! Ya know, I gotta justify it!!!

    Trilene XL on my steelie and bass rods.
  5. we've caught bass with banjo minnows, but not really in any numbers better than anything else (senkos etc...)

    As for line, I use fireline for my braid and Bass pro shops "knock off" version of the trilene XL for mono...I don't really have any trouble with either, although I also use the blakemore spray which is more than worth the 8 bucks they charge for it!! I don't think I've had a birdsnest since I started using it 3 years ago!!
  6. Banjo's work great. I use cajin red......