Ballast weights

Discussion in 'Tackle Making' started by bassinjody, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. this might be a crazy question but does anybody use steal or tin for ballest weights. gust trying to get away from using lead .:C
  2. Try using no weight at all. Often just he weight of the belly hook will center the bait. Also weighting can dampen the action a bit on smaller baits.

  3. Mr. VIC1111 is right!!!! Dont know if he will remember the last time he was RIGHT!!! he hasnt been taking his meds on a regular basis!!! most of the crankbaits I make have no Ballast in them!!! First, the main reason I didnt put ballast in my baits was because I really didnt even know what BALLAST WAS!!!! How do you put something in your lure if you dont have a clue what the word means!!!! Lets simplify bait making!!! WOOD... HOOKS!! FISH ON!!! See its just that simple!!! Figured I would stop bye and mess around with the OLD GUY!!!!

    THAT'LL do PIG.... THAT'LL DO!!!!

    Tater Hog!
  4. thanks vince and tater i never made a bait with out weight, know u guys has my head spinning.have to go try one with out weight.:confused: