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Bald Eagles

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Sheitown, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. This may be in the wrong area, but...I was just wondering if anyone had seen any new nests here in the northwest ohio area. I have been to the rimer area nest twice and have not seen them this year, maybe i'm just missing them. I saw them regularly last year. I also visited the grand lake st mary's nest and did not see anything, not even a nest, did it fall. Just curious if anyone else has seen any nesting around here.
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    In about another 3 weeks or so they will be more active, flying all over creation. Awesome to see their comeback.

  3. DANDE


    We See Them Quite Reguarly South Of Tiffin Along The River. We Have Seenas Many As 6 At One Time. Beautiful Birds. Have A Good Week. Dan Jacobs
  4. If you go out by Ceader Point Refuge in Maumee bay there are about ten nets and Eagle fling every where. It is an awsome sight. You can only go into the area where they are a couple months out of the year but you can see them fling all the time. There are also more and more showing up on the portage river by the Ottawa County Fairgrounds. Hope that helps you a little.
  5. There is supposed to be one in the manhatten marsh and one along st. rt 24 around waterville as well. Cedar point refuge is closed to visitors but if you can come somehow get in there is one right by the entrance to the right hand side of the road. I got in there last fall through one of my professors and saw 9 eagles total. My lab is right on bayshore road and see one at least once a week flying around the lake. There is also a new nest as of last year at kildeer plains in a goose nest platform.
  6. there is one visible from the st rt 2 bridge on the portage river , look N while going Westbound.Also there is one in the group of trees by the Camp Perry Entrance visible from Rt 2
  7. Sheitown- I live 10 min. from the nest on Grand Lake.I`ll keep an eye out for them and let you know when we start seeing them again.As far as i know the nest is still there but i`ll look and let you know.You should be able to see it from St.Rt 127 on the curve just past the coldwater creek bridge.

  8. Bubba I would like to know your findings when you drive by the area, maybe i'm just blind or something. I suppose it is a little early, but I did here there is a pair with eggs already up off of the lake.
  9. I`ll give the nest area a good look friday and let you know what i see.

  10. You can see them on the Sandusky River both North and South of Fremont. If you have a boat you can see them out in the area just before the river dumps into the bay.
  11. If you get into the Huron/Milan area, they are becoming mre active. We saw our first of the year 2 weeks ago. They flew right over our yard (2 mi west of the Huron River). Seeing these is truely a thing of beauty.
  12. there was a pair circling over blue grass on sunday afternoon. I talked with the ranger he said there are 3 pairs between maumee and napoleon. He also told me where the nests were but my memory ain't what it used to be. it was more upriver however.
  13. I see there are more nests in ohio this year than last. Does anyone know exactly where the nest in hancock county is? I thought I heard it was on the west side of findlay on the blanchard but not sure exactly.
    It also claimed on the dnr website that the mercer county nest is active, I must be blind.
  14. There is suppose to be a nest out by resivoir #2 along the Blanchard River in Hancock county ( that is on the east side of Findlay )
  15. Thanks flytyer, I'll be in the area next week and wanted to see them if possible. I also seen on tuesdays nbc lima news that the celina pair is there and have eggs. I'm heading north for some steelie fishing on thursday and I always see them up there. They are a remarkable bird.
  16. I saw one on the way home from work today on I-280/ I-75 intersection. Flying right over the road pretty low, sun hit it just right and the head a tail lit up great, no mistaking that bird. I also saw a redtail, kestrel, great blue heron, 4 deer, and a ton of geese making their way back up north. all in a few miles of road. when i walked out of my building i could hear the redwing blackbirds in maumee bay state park making a big rucous. groundhogs were all over the place too. spring is just about here.