bald eagles at deercreek

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    this weekend turned out to be a very good one.some friends and myself rented a cabin at deercreek take a couple of days to relax and watch the ohio state game,which ended up being MUCH BETTER than i thought it would be!
    on saturday morning after we fixed breakfast i walked out onto the screened in porch and was just watching a few squirrels when one of my wifes friends walked out and asked me if i had seen the bald eagles.all i said was "yeah right!",and she said "well just what are those birds perched in that tree?"
    i looked and sure enough there were 2 bald eagles! i didn't know there were any in that area.later on i was in the lodges and one of the employees told me that the pair has been nesting in the area for about 3 years now.pretty cool to see them in this area! if the pics of them get forwarded to me i'll post them
    i took about a 3 mile walk along the lake on saturday to see if i could find any lures.that ended up being somewhat of a bust,i only found a couple.but,something i did notice was ALOT of trash & junk that looked like it had been dumped or dropped overboard by boaters.anchors,bottles,cans,a 10 lb weight and even a bikini top!
    i know that alot of times we hear complaints about the trash left along the banks by shore fishermen and rightfully so but just because it sinks when it's thrown overboard doesn't mean that trash and junk will never be seen again.
    anyway,all in all it was a really good weekend.
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    As a (mostly) bank fisherman, thanks for your post. Litter is a problem we all must deal with.
    As for the Eagles, that is very cool. Sounds like a great weekend.

  3. I got a good photo from horseback in Sept.....very cool to see those.....after taking the pic it flew over us while we walked the horses down the creek...


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