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    i was fishing in the boat up in delaware lake in the whetstone arm and on the way back i saw a bald eagle perched in a tree on the island it was a pretty cool thing to see
  2. You are a lucky one, not very many people get to see them. Its a wonderful sight to see if you do get the chance tho. I am actually the naturalist up at Delaware SP and have heard they have been nesting up in that area for that past few years now.

  3. I've seen several in the delaware area. One was perched near 23 and home It was immature, still mottled. If I hadn't given it a second look I would of just tohught it was a hawk.
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    I was on Whetstone Creek yesterday afternoon, did you see a white canoe?

    I saw a bald eagle on the Kokosing back in 2005.
  5. They are a site to see. I have seen them at Piedmont, Seneca and a lot at Salt Fork. There are a nesting pair at Salt Fork. If you know where they are you can see them just about every trip. Sure am glad I have seen them.
  6. It is really amazing to see the bald eagle bounce back from almost being extinct. I have also seen a few around the Maumee River. It looks like they are making a good come back in the Ohio area.
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    yea, i saw one in knox county about a year ago, it was very cool. i got goosebumps. lol in knox county, there was a nest, the nest you could see from about 100 yards away. this thing was huge. Very cool
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    I saw a pair of bald eagles on the Kokosing last month. Quite spectacular to see 2 of them above us in a tree.
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    The one I saw was standing on the bank when I came around the bend in a rented kayak out of the Millwood livery. The river was teeming with fish that day.
  10. Jray - That is awsome - I was fishing in North Carolina a few years ago at Kerr Reservoir when we noticed a Eagle and two little ones flying around above us. It was cool to see I asume the mother and her two littles flying around - It was like she was teaching them.
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    ...maybe not, sometimes small birds harass larger birds of prey to chase them out of the area. I see songbirds doing it to crows, and crows doing it to hawks.
  12. I saw the eagles on the kokosing for the first time around 1999. They seem to be pretty well settled in the area. It's a great river for them to hunt.
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    The bald eagles are making quite a comeback.

    I know of several nests, but they aren't all active.

    Delaware Wildlife Area - Southeast of the dam & this nest is the size of a truck

    1 mile south of the delaware dam and just off the Olentangy River

    St Rt 23 and Bethlehem Rd in Marion County

    Bank of Scioto River about 2 miles south of Prospect.

    Bank of Scioto River NW of St Rt 203 & St Rt 739 in Marion

    Delaware county I-71 & St Rt 521 in a tree beside a pond - not active

    Along Alum Creek in Westerville just north of County Line Rd.

    Westerville about 400 yards east of West Avenue and south of Polaris

    There are lots of them all around Sandusky Bay.

    I have heard of a couple different nest sites on the Koko.

    They are neat to see for sure! All birds of prey are my favorite animal as they are just such neat critters. Their keen eye sight, graceful flight and craftiness for hunting and fishing.......they're just really cool. I like them all, eagles, hawks, ospreys and owls. I like going to the Outer Banks and watching flegling ospreys try to catch sandpipers for breakfast. So cool!

  14. I saw one last year perched up on the pole in the middle of Delaware lake up on 229.
  15. When I lived in Mt.Gilead, there was a few nest in that area. A lot of people would go Eagle spotting up there at one nest. I believe it was off of Waterford Road (CR 22) off of Route 42 just outside of Mt.Gilead.
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    GoneFission and myself saw three BaldEagles last week while canoeing on the whitewater river north of Brookville. I must say it is great to see these birds rebounding the way they are.
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    Those eagles were the coolest things I have ever seen on that river (wait there were these girls canoeing a few years back...)
  18. The one in my avatar is from Clear Fork. it was in its nest to begin with hard to see then it took off away from me so i headed out of the cove it came back in the way i was headed out and gave me a fly by and looked down at me within 20 to 30 feet and then landed in the tree an awesome site I took pics for a while then it flew off again.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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