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Bald eagle in Columbus!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by twistertail, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. I work on the south end of Columbus and there are 2 lakes by my office and there is a bald eagle standing out on the ice! Some people said they have been seeing one out there but I had my doubts, but its there. Pretty cool.
  2. Reel Lady

    Reel Lady Dreams DO come true!

    Do you have a camera???? That would sure be an awesome sight to see!

  3. not with me, i'm going to bring it on Monday though. I'm looking around the office to see if I can find one some place.
  4. bring the "RIGHT" camera and use up all the film ;) :p

    I'd like to see some pics when you get them Shane, thought I seen one out to deer creek last spring
  6. RiverRat

    RiverRat Banned

    Twister, i fish south of columbus on the Scioto and see one ever year in the same stretch...watched it one day hunting suckers & carp on a shallow gravel bar, it missed the first few trys, but got a nice 3-4 lber finally. I have also seen many Osprey along the river too.

  7. CLappert

    CLappert Gander Mtn./OBFN

    there was a nesting pair on Alum last year north of howard road the last bend before you get back to just creek DNR built 2 or 3 nesting platforms up there
  8. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    Last I heard (about two years ago) there were at least three nesting pairs in the refuge at Mosquito Lake. I have a camper on the lake, and see at least one every outing.
  9. my dad saw one over downtown cleveland, west of it by the salt mine, a month ago, just a few days after the state survey. Ive seen several in Geauga County around Chardon. Lovely to see :)
  10. One of my friends has a nesting pair on his property.
    This is about two miles southwest of my house. I see them all the time.

    We are seeing a young (3-4 year old) eagle, east of the small town I reside in.
    My have another nesting pair in a year or two.

    It’s good to see them making such a tremendous comeback.
  11. Are you sure it was not a turkey vulture looking at all the dead meat around the statehouse? ;)

    Saw my first one down in Virginia several years ago then saw one out at Ladue Res last spring as it was rising off the water with a fish it had just picked off... The fish was not moving so I think it may have already been dead and there were two seagulls trying to knock the fish out of the grasp of the eagle... Cool stuff to see while fighting off huge carp over my bait pile :cool:

    I was feeling pretty good about life about then [​IMG]
  12. tpet96

    tpet96 Banned

    There are a BUNCH up this way Shane. See them ALL the time when I'm fishing up on Erie, Pleasant Hill, Charles MIll, Clearfork River, etc. Even see them sometimes on my drive home from work when it's daylight.
  13. Twistertail, from the way you have described the bird, It was not a bald eagle. And besides, bald eagles have been extinct in Ohio since the early 90's. Sounds more like you seen a duck to me.

    Speaking of birds, a couple weeks ago I seen a hawk take a full size robin off of the ground. Them birds are some mean somesabatches. It was pretty cool though because I hate robins.
  14. ...HUH? :confused:
  15. tpet96

    tpet96 Banned

    SM.....I think you need to view this link:

    We see them all the time. They are doubt about it. White head........white tail feathers......yellow beak....large wingspan. Have seen them up close a couple of times.....MANY times at a distance. Ask the carpers who attended the Carp-In at East Harbor 2 years ago. We watched 2 pair (4 birds) in their "mating flights". Awesome sight. Another good place up there is Little Portage Wildlife area, or the "snake pit" as we refer to it. We have seen 3 or 4 pair there in a single sighting.
  16. tpet96

    tpet96 Banned

    "A preliminary total of 366 bald eagles were observed, including 247 mature bald eagles and 119 immature eagles (birds less than 5 years old). Last year, a final count revealed 372 bald eagles during the mid-winter survey, a group composed of 282 mature and 90 immature birds. Last spring, 127 eaglets fledged from a record 108 nests."

    These are only the ones that were observed in a 2 week study by the DNR. They cannot reach every SQ Ft of Ohio ;)
  17. hey Sheephead,

    love you bro', but gotta pull your coat,,,,,, the bald eagles are back in Ohio.
    i really do love your posts, some of my all time favorites. that was still funny "sounds like you seen a duck"!

  18. Hey Sheephead how do you kow it wasnt a bald eagle from my description, I didnt describe it?:confused: I didnt believe it either until I saw. I have seen them in Michigan and Minnesota, aside from TV and the zoo, so I know it was a bald eagle. Dont have a picture so I cant prove it but it was pretty cool.
  19. There are a couple Bald Eagles at West Branch. They've actually marked an area off in the past to keep fisherman and boaters away from the nesting areas of the bald eagle. I've seen them in the springtime mostly at West Branch.
  20. My bad Twistytail, I meant Archaeopteryx are extinct in Ohio. Sorry about the mix up folks. I'm no bird expert if you haven't figured that out already. :eek: