baits for carp that are used to high pressure?

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  1. I moved to an apartment complex that has a decent pond on the property. It used to be a paylake back in the 70's. There are some giant carp swimming in there that you can see. All the fish in this pond are used to people and their hooks. What kind of bait would you use to get one of these :B ?
  2. Cccccc CORN! Always corn=)

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    Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka Kooooooooooornnnnnnnn!!!!!!
  4. I have tried ccccccccc corn, wwwwwww wheatie balls, bbbbbbbb bread, you can watch them swim right by it. They are really picky.
  5. Fiberglass will work

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    If they are grass carp try using grass or weed leaves. Sounds crazy but I have had this work. I was fishing a pond one day and the yard had been mowed which blew grass on the water and the carp were up feeding on the surface on all this grass, so the lightbulb went off. I had tried for these fish for a long time with other baits and had no luck. I picked some weed leaves from the yard, put it on a hook that was about 4 inches below a bobber. Wasn't out 5 minutes until I had one, landed a 38"er. I have done this a couple times with success and those big carp are a blast on light tackle.

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    depends on what forage is in the pond.... if there are any trees by it... especially mullberry trees, use the berries... otherwise as previously said, they might be grass carp (white amour) and they are strictly vegetation feeders, so it is going to be tricky to catch them..... if it's common carp, then your guess is as good as mine if they are ignoring all the usual baits
  8. Or... If you're Flathead King.... You can catch em on Live Bluegill! Hahah True story!
  9. ;) corn and if that doesn't work use corn
  10. Chum the area you are going to fish a few hrs. before you wet a line. Also, use ultra light gear 4lb. to 6lb test a small light wire hook and little or no weight.
    I caught this one on 4lb test, 2 pieces of corn, small hook and 1/32 split shot.
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  11. you usually cant catch more than a couple before you have to leave but if your able to get close enough a 9 mm works well.
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  13. LOL!! Thanks for the laugh.
  14. Couln't help myself- I just cant understand anyone actually targeting them for catch. I dunno, perhaps there is some out there that have an affinity for the taste. Can't think of any other reason to try and catch them.

    Perhaps we'll all be fishing for Gobie someday as well.
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    They offer a fairly exhilerating fight. They also make for a GREAT garden fertilizer! A very small percentage of American fisher-people indulge in carp flesh. I for one have, and it honestly isn't bad if prepared correctly.
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    I'll have to agree.
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    Explosives seem to work also....M-80's to be exact....ahh, my days as a middle school student :). However now that I am an old man/fart, I don't condone this!!!!.....But, do what you do in private waters ;).

  18. WHAT? Do you eat everything you catch? :confused: :confused: :confused:
  19. are they this big this one is almost 33lbs,just pm me and ill give ya some ideas?
  20. Nope, I dont eat everything I catch...gotta point there. Ocassionally, will eat some saugeye, Walleye, crappie, gills and the rare bass. Thats it.

    I will leave the catfish for those that have a taste for them and you can have all the carp ya want.

    The ones I have caught have just been dead weight they spin a little thats about it.