Baiting Deer Pics

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  1. Your a jackazz. When does ice season start??

  2. SSSSShhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! That shall not be spoken!

    got any cures for poison ivy? Got it shoulders down to both wrists.
  3. scrub your arms to the point where it's raw, not bleeding, but just good and open with antibacterial soap. Dry off, dab on bleach with a cotton ball. Some people prefer to dilute it, but I figure the stronger the better. It kind of stings but feels good if you're itching real bad.
  4. I've got mt thrid round of it last night, I've had it enough this year I break out the next day. After my shower I use alochol with a cotton swab. I think it just runs its course in 3 days. I've tryed ivy dry before. They now have a spray to use before you word around it. Suppose to work like a sun block for ivy. Obviously I've not tryed it yet.
  5. I can walk through it in shorts and bare feet.
    I can up-root it by hand and rub it in my face. I seriously can not get poison Ivy.
    If I know why I will let you know. Maybe it is the brand of beer I drink.
  6. What kind of beer is that???? Blatz or PBR?
  7. Not sure if that is why but it is Bud Lt.
  8. haha i cant get that crap either.

    i thought i was the only one.
  9. I drink Honey Brown and don't get poison Ivy either. Switch brands of beer and see what works for you.
  10. I never got it either. Not untill I started food plotting. Now I spend the whole summer scratching my @$$ off. My arms look like I have leprocy.
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    The land I hunt on is covered in the stuff.

    Every time I got out there, I always wash with Dawn dish soap (seems it removes the oil from the skin before it sets in)

    Not sure if that's waht keeps it off me, but, as long as it works, I'll keep using it.
  12. You guys are just immune to it, and man are you lucky! My wife is the same way, but if I get within a 100yrds of it and the wind is blowing.....I'm done :(
  13. I used to get it really bad when I was younger, but as of late I don't. I use lye soap after I have been in the woods during the summer. I like the idea of the dish soap, so I may give that a try in the future.