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Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by jay2k, Jul 4, 2007.

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    I have just started to use baitcasting gear regularly. I own a abu c3 and recently got a "tika" sculptor. (Spelling?) Anyways the abu I can toss pretty well. It doesn't go real far, but enough for spinnerbaits and such. The new tika is a little different. I haven;t really learned about the brake system and the spool tension knob on the other side. Any input would be great on how you guys use the reels and how to adjust them. By the way the tika is a high speed reel with 12 bearings. Sweet stuff.
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    You can adjust it by using the tension knob to adjust the spool speed. Set it to where the bait barely falls. The magnetic control should be set to about half way. You can adjust the controller as you need it. Once you get the hang of it, you can slowly release the tension knob so you can cast further.

  3. backlashes at the beginning of the cast - you need to tighten up the brake system. Backlashes at the end of the cast - you need to tighten up the tension knob.
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    i always set my tension on the water. i have it set so when i release the spool the bait falls slow enough that when it hits the water the spool stops spinning. none of my reels have a magnetic brake so i cant help ya out there.
  5. Here is how I set my Ambassadeurs. Turn off the magnetic control. Hit free spool and let the lure fall adjusting the friction drag utill when it hits the water it doesn't backlash like stated in the previous post. Then turn the magnetic up to 4. Now slightly decrease the friction control. If casting into the wind, I will usually turn the magnetic up to about 6. This should give you a starting point. The reel, rod, line, lure weight, lure profile, wind, temperature, and skill of the user all come into play here.