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  1. plan on using 2 of my low pro abu's for my 'eye jiggin' this season...only problem is i cant seem to find any ice rods that have a "casting" handle..all seem to be for spinning reels...i know i can mount the baitcaster on one but like the idea of having the "trigger" on the bottom of the rod...just feels more natural to me...anyone have this type rod or know where i can get 2 decent med-med/heavy casting 24''-30''...have searched ebay cabelas and sportsmans guide with no luck...thanks for any help!!! with the forcast i have plenty of time to order one!!!

  2. folowed all links there and came up empty??? thanks for trying!!
  3. ooops!! found them(well 1 ) thanks!!
  4. I believe they use baitcasting reels while jigging for the lake trout up in Canada.
  5. genz gold makes a good casting rod called the predator series. Good deals on ebay.

    My eye saugeye rods are baitcasters. I have some older rods that aren't made anymore. To prevent fatigue the lighter the rod and reel the better. Far and away the best casting reels that I have used are the Ryobi V-MAG 3. they are super small and light, but have smooth drag and will hold all the line you need. They dont make them anymore as far as I know so Check for them on ebay, You can get them for as little as 5-10 bucks sometimes.|66:2|65:12|39:1|240:1318|301:0|293:1|294:50

    heres more rods i found|66:2|65:12|39:1|240:1318|301:1|293:1|294:50
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    Wave, PM sent your way.You know how much stuff I have, especially those hard to find items.I should have been your first stop..................Mark
  7. pm returned and i'm sorry i didnt think of you FIRST!!! my bad...and yes you have always fixed me up!!