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  1. Does anyone know if there is an archive on the price of baitcasters. I have a few that I am looking at buying but would like to know a little more about the baitcasters, and what there original price is. any help would be great. I am looking at getting the following. This is all the information I was givin on these

    1- Pinnacle Carrea Titanium
    2-Daiwa Capricorn 100H
    1-Shimano Coriolis
    1-Shimano Cruxis 200
    1-Shimano Calcutta 200
    1-Shimano Calcutta 250
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    Try an older bass pro shop catalog if you can find one.

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    The Calcutta 200 is a great reel. I paid about $150 for it two years ago. Very powerful reel for its size. The only negative about it is that it is heavier than most plastic reels because it has a metal frame. The other downside of having a metal frame is that it freezes your hands off if you are fishing in cold weather.
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    New the approximate price of the Shimano Calcutta 200 is $150 and the Shimano Calcutta 250 around $175.