Baitcaster or spinning?

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  1. I've seen threads like this for open water but what does everyone use on ice? Ice fished last weekend and a guy we meet was using baitcasters and that looks like the way to go for the eyes and bigger fish. Think I'll get some for next year just wanted to know what others use.
  2. baitcaster is all I use for eyes. I use some small older style ryobi reels that are only about 2 3/4 inches across and they are really sweet. A good rod is harder to find though. There are some nice looking genz predator baitcast rods. Baitcasters really shine with heavier lures. anything 3/8 and over is best. Its especially nice when you are using blade baits or spoons that are prone to tangle because you can easily drop them on a contolled drop by setting your spool tention correctly so that they dont just plummet to the bottom. Baitcasters also fit into buckets much easier since they dont take up as much room as a spinning reel. Some people use those heavy amabssador style reels but those would just ware me out.

  3. i use spinning and the rods are st.croix legend ice rods expensive but well worth the money. the only thing bad about baitcasters is trying to find small reels. just my two cents. Good luck snake!
  4. Shimano used to make a small casting reel named the Bantam. It should work very nice for hard water. Ebay has quite a few you would want the smaller ones.
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    Baitcasters all the way for jigging. As Josh stated we use the same Ryobi reels(no longer made).

    I love the spool control and a being able to lower the lure in any wind condition with no slack line blowing all over the place. The drags work well, the anti-reverse is great and I never, never, never have any kind of line tangles.
  6. Thanks guys,I'll be buying more STUFF now!
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    My wife would like all you gentlemen to know, she has decided to castrate me. I blamed it on you guys for the new reels I'm gonna buy. Looks like I'm takin' one for the team!!!!
  8. so what do you plan to buy. No one bought those reels that were on ebay that I listed. They were only 9 dollars plus 7 for shipping. I looked at the history of the ryobi v-mag 3 on ebay and they sometimes go for almost 30$ before shipping.
  9. PM me with info. I'm interested.
  10. no i think i didnt make myself clear. Im just saying that in my previous post I put up some links to some reels on ebay that are just like the ones we use. And they didnt sell. you might be able to contact the seller and let them know that you are interested in those reels.
  11. I'll do that,thought you had them. Can't go wrong at that price.