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Baitcaster Help

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Boomer, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. Ok need some help with a new baitcaster. I messed around with a cheep baitcater reel last year and got pretty comfortable with it. I was looking to upgrade this year. I am looking in the $100 to $150 range. I talked with a gentleman at Dicks Sporting Goods here in Columbus, and he was steering me to the Pfluger Trion. I guess my question is what do you guys recomend? I am gonna mostly be flipping tubes and worms. I also want something to use with cranks/spinners as well. I have heard the Curado superfree is pretty good too. Lay it on me what do you all think is the best reel for the money.


  2. i don't know anything about the pfluger reel,but can tell you the curado reel can't be beat for the money.that's my feelings bass :) :) :)

  3. smallieguy

    smallieguy Smallmouth Please

    Do a search in this forum, this question was asked by a
    gentleman about 10 days ago. Its got alot of good advise
    in it.
  4. I've owned a Pfluegger Trion low-profile reel. It was a pretty good first flipping reel but I like my Shimano Castaics much better for flipping. I use Shimano Curado and Curado super-frees for every thing but flipping and really like them. The Shimano Curado super-free is a really nice all around reel and if I were to have just one casting reel with me then it would be a Curado SF.

    Also, check out Quantum's Accurist PT and Energy PT reels and Daiwa's Advantage (particularly the super-tuned version) reels for comparison and value and see which you like best. I've not used any of these reels but they look good on paper.

  5. I myslef am a Shimano buyer through and through, but for $99, the Pfleuger is a nice reel. Blaise at DSG on Sawmill won't steer you wrong. He's a bit biased too, towards Curados. But he told me the Pfleuger Trion is a great reel, and after inspecting one in store, I'd own one if Curados ever went south. Hopefully, they won't.

  6. One other suggestion. If you don't mind ordering a reel over the net then I'd suggest a Shimano Scorpion. It's the Japanese version of the Curado super-free with a few extra's thrown in. You can order them over the net for around $150 + shipping. Probably the best value out there. If you like the Curado's, you'll like the Scorpions even better.

    There's also a Japanese market version of the Castaic called the Quickfire which is slightly nicer than the version sold here for about the same price. I've got the US versions of these reels but if I had it to do over again I would order the Japanese versions.

  7. I like the Curados, Castaics and the one Scorpion that I own is a sweet little reel!
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    I have couple curados and have tried others but thats all i buy is the curados i like them and they are good reel. Looking to pick up 2 more this yr.
  9. I have a curado and an acurist pt, both are good reels however if I had to choose I would take the curado hands down.
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    I have 4 Curados and couldn't live without them. They have never failed me yet.
  11. Hey TritonBill where'd you get your Scorpion? I know of a few sites online that sell them but if I could find a place nearby that sells them I my bite the bullet and get one or two.

  12. I bought mine from ebay. It's a great reel although the handle is a little small. I've heard the handles can be replaced with the calcutta reel handle and then you will feel more like normal curado but with the smoothness and lightness of the scorpion.
  13. curados without a doubt!!
  14. I have the Pfluger President, it's a great reel for cranks and spinners but it's the only non Quantum I own, I've always been a fan of Quantum reels, but thinking I should check out this Scorpion.
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    one word.......

  16. smallieguy

    smallieguy Smallmouth Please

  17. JBJ


    I currently use all Shimano. Curado's B and SF, Castaic's B and SF, Chronarch B and SF, Spirex's and 1 Stradic spinning reels. Now that I've handled Pflueger baitcasters, they are on my list when I "need" more.
  18. My only question with the Pluegers and Quantums is replacement parts when they inevitably need repair down the road. The nice thing about Shimano and Daiwa is that replacement parts are easy to get and the reels are easy to get fixed or upgraded if you want.
    Quantum seems to change their reels very frequently and I've "heard" that they are hard to find parts for when needed. Their reels still look like good initial values though. I've heard the same about Pflueger's being harder to get repaired but I personally never needed parts for the Pfluegers I've owned.

    Thanks for the info on the handles for the Scorpions Bill. I'll probably break down and buy one or two or three here pretty soon :)

  19. If you like the curado you will love the scorpion. It's a curado with the super free system, wiffle spool and an additional external brake adjustment. These reels are great for light baits and for about $150 well worth the upgrade from the curado. I got mine at, took about 3-4 days to get them.
  20. Thanks guys for the help I really appreciate it. I will make my purchass in a week or two if the wife lets me :) and let you know what I went with.

    Thanks again