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Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by triton175, Jan 18, 2008.

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    I have always used spinning gear and just purchased a baitcaster (AbuGarcia 4600C3). I have played around with baitcasters before and was casting around the front yard today and seem to do OK. The problem is - What do I do when I want to start reeling as soon as the lure his the water, as with spinnerbaits or in-line spinners? I cast with my right hand, slow the spool with my right thumb, and then I need to move my right hand to the reel handle. That means I need to switch the rod handle to my left hand, meanwhile my bait is sinking to the bottom where it will get fouled up.

    The only solution that I can think of is to switch hands while the bait is in the air so my left thumb is on the spool and my right hand is on the reel handle. Is this what I should be doing? Please advise.

  2. Spot


    you either need to cast with your other arm or buy a left handed
    reel. Hope this helps

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    i've been using only right hand reels for over 50 years and learned to adjust early on.changing hands and cranking just as the bait hits the water,and lifting the rod will keep the bait on's all in the timing,which takes practice,along with a little dexterity.
    granted,it would be easier to go with a left hand reel,but if you're like me,and just can't adjust to reeling a left hand baitcaster,you can teach yourself to ovecome.many people can adjust.i can however,use lefty spinning reels due to the different location of the reel and hadle configuration,and the fact that right hand reels weren't real common when i bought my first one,so i had no choice;)
  4. Triton, I also have to cast and reel my baitcaster with my right arm/hand. It gets easier with some practice. After a couple of seasons it has become natural to me.
  5. The only solution that I can think of is to switch hands while the bait is in the air so my left thumb is on the spool and my right hand is on the reel handle. Is this what I should be doing? Please advise.


    That’s it. After a little experience you will no longer need to put your left thumb on the spool. You will be cranking the reel before the spinner bait ever hit’s the water.

    As stated by Spot you could go to a left handed reel or cast lefty. But In my opinion it will not take long for you to get the hang of switching hands while the lure is in the air.

    I use the same reel (4600) for buzzbaits and spinner baits and make the switch just before the lure hit’s the water. This has always worked well for me.
    BTW --- Keep your reel handles pointing at the sky.
    Some times folks that are new to the bait caster reels tend to cast short of their intended target. If you find this to be the case, try to imagine your target is three or four feet above you intended target and cast to it.
    Playing with the bait casters is something like your first time riding a bicycle. After you learn to do it, you wonder why the hell you couldn’t do it the first time you tried it.

    Good Luck and use cheap line. :)
  6. Broke my right wrist many (many) years ago and learned to cast left handed. It is not that hard to do.
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    Use both hands to cast. You will get better distance and be more accurate. The only time I cast without using both hands is when I am flipping or sidearming a bait underneath hanging tree limbs. By using both hands the rod will already be in your left hand and all you would have to do is slow the spool down and just crank. When I first started using baitcasters, I would just one arm it but after 2 years of using them I find it a lot easier using two hands. If you watch the pros their left hand would be holding down by the butt of the rod and the right hand would be by the reel.
  8. i myself just started to use a baitcaster to lure fish. i use the 6000, s and a penn 209 to catfish with, have no problem hitting my target or casting ( still have back lash some times ). but its a whole differnt ball game with a 3/8 oz. jig on. cant get no where near my target, and my lure set on bottom a lot while i delash my reel. don,t have any problemwith handle being on right side, but my open bails have the handles on left side. i,ll get better with my 5600, as u will with uer 4600. hope i used the right rod solection, a 7 ft. falcon ?
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    Thanks for the advice guys!

    soua0363 - You are right, I was just watching Joe Bucher catching musky and he was doing just what you said. Both hands near the reel, slowing spool with left thumb and cranking as soon as his topwater hit the surface

    My neighbors are going to think I'm nuts, out casting in the front yard when it's 10 degrees out.