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  1. What do you all suggest for a baitcast under $100. Let me know what you all might have that you've had good experiences w/.

    Thanks in advance!

    edit: I'm going to be using this for an all purpose reel on a med/heavy rod. Some catfish, bass, and possibly pike in canada.
  2. fishingredhawk

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    Shimano Citica. With the current rebate that Shimano is offering, you can get this for about $100. 6.2:1 ratio. Very smooth reel, lots of tournament bass guys are saying good things about it.

  3. Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C4 (Round Baitcast Reel)

    - 4 stainless steel bearings with Instant Anti-Reverse™
    - 6-pin centrifugal brake
    - advanced Carbon Matrix Drag.
    (good for any bass / muskie)

    A C3 isn't a bad choice either!
  4. i second the abu garcia C4 and C3 like socdad said, and you could try the abu garcia revo s it retails at $99.99 but its well worth it... it has one if not the strongest drag out there today of 24 lbs. its low profile and i wouldnt use it for catfish, but i do for bass and pike.
  5. Ðe§perado™

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    Just go to Catfish and pick you up an Abu 6500 trophy Collection reel for under 100.00 and that includes shipping. Lots of reels there to pick from that are under 100.00.

    Where are you at over in Blacklick? maybe hook up and go fishing.
  6. Buckeye outdoors Feb 29 -mar 2nd 10 percent off all fishing and boating equipment. I will be picking up another set of okuma convectors from there that are already 10.oo bucks cheaper then anywhere else. They will also spool up to 2 new reels for free with 2 -20 pound Berkley or Trilene. Tough prices to beat
  7. Go with the garcia it is a rugged dependable reel I have 3 of them in my arsenal 2 C3 and 1 C4
  8. triton175

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    I bought an AbuGarcia C3 at Wal-Mart last week for $30 (reg $69.97). They also had some C4s on sale for 48 or 49 dollars.
    I go through the fishing dept. any time I'm in Wal-Mart just to see if anything is on sale. This time it paid off.

  9. Thanks all for the suggestions...I'm not sure what to get still...I will definately look at those abu reels...they sound great! Also the Shimano sounds like a great deal.

    Quick question...anyone use or know about the Diawa Capricorn? It's regular $119 and is on sale for 80 bucks...also so is the shaw grigsby baitcaster for 90 bucks....any thought on these?
  10. misfit

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    as already mentioned,you can't go wrong with those round abus for your intended use.great all around reel,and will last for years.i don't think they can be beat for an all purpose reel,especially for the price.i have an old 5000(over 40 years old)that still works great and has been used for everything from bass to musky to flathead fishing.
  11. fishingredhawk

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    Definitely go with the Citica over the Capricorn or the Shaw Grigsby. Trust me.
  12. soua0363

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    If you are going to some catfishing along with bass fishing, I would agree with the guys on the Abu's. They are really rugged and take tons of punishments. I just dont think a low profile reel will do too well fighting a 10 pound or bigger cat although I have never tried but I have bass fish and cat fish with the Abu's. I own two of them...the C3 Rocket and the HC60 Record. The only draw back about the round Abu's is that they are heavier than the low profile reels.
  13. sounds good...If I understand the theme here....go w/ the abu, am I understanding that right? hahaha!

    I think that's where I'm heading.

    Fishingredhawk...Thank you also for your advise! I may go w/ the citica on a strickly bass combo that I'll upgrade to in the spring! Thanks again for everyones help!
  14. devildog#1

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    Just my two cents, I haven't been using a baitcaster for very long a few years at best. But I bought a quantum inferno from dicks and I have no complaints. I went out and bought another one too. Was at dicks this week and they were on sale for 40.00. Check it out not a bad reel.
  15. DAIWA PT33SH 7:1 for spinnerbaits and buzzbaits
    DAIWA PT33 C 3:8-1 for cranking.........just got this I this month
  16. Thank you all for your help...I went w/ the Abu C4 5600...It seems to fit what I'm looking for. I can't wait to get out on the water w/ this new reel!
  17. no offence to devildog#1, but that reel you bought isn't that great. I guess it depends on what you're looking for. I used to work at Dick's in the hunting lodge and quantum does it every year. They did it again this year. I forget the name, but it's selling for $80 right now, THE PRICE WILL GO DOWN! To be honest if you want a great reel and rod. The pflueger/all-star baitcaster combo is awesome! As long as you take care of the reel, it casts great and can take a beating from big fish. But if you just want an inexpensive reel under $100. Pflueger Trion. Great reel for under $100. i'm not a pflueger fan, but that reel is the BEST they make, bar none. A LOT better than the supreme