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    BigMha QQn 4 that "ONE" big fish

    where can i get bait this time of year? i called frank's and the answering machine said he was closed for the winter...can any1 help? was going to hit one of the rivers tomorrow and haven't decided if i'm going east or west. so ANY bait shop will help out....looking for spawns, maggots and minnows
  2. long ride ,but causeway bait at mosquito always has bait .

  3. East- Grand river bait and tackle is an option, RT. 535, north of rt.2. There is also a shop on Rt 283 a short distance west of the chagrin river.

    West- Erie Outfitters- Lake Rd in Sheffield Lk, just west of the power plant.

    Gander Mtn. carries some bait, no minnows that I know of, though. Some Dicks stores also carry live bait, but I dont know what they carry, I have seen the signs they have posted.

    Good Luck, let us know how you do. Its raining, hope it doesnt muck things up too much.
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    twinsburg gander has maggots wax worms and spawn bags tied and bulk in a jar to tie yourself,minnows at marks in ravenna and other baits also...
  5. Rodmakers shoppe in strongsville corner of 82 and prospect rd, grand river tackle rt 535 opens early I believe at 6:00.Not sure what time the rodmakers shoppe opens though. Should be able to check both of them om the web, I know grand river tackle has a web site for sure.

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    They are located on ridge rd in Parma, south of Brookpark rd and north of Snow. Most days they are open till 9:00 so I get my bait night before.