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  1. Where is the nearest bait store with minnies. Going to take grandson out in the mornin. Give me the address so i can type in the address to get there .

    Going to take him fishing to the Rock.
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    Last I checked Kastaway Kulis still had minnows in Bedford.

  3. Try Shine's on East 55th Slightly south of the lake.
  4. Well got some minnies and wouldnt you know it. we went 2 out of 3 in about 2 hrs and caught then on egg sacks. LOL LOL
  5. Erie Outfitters is slightly west of Rocky River depending on where you are going to on the Rock it is about a 20 minute drive. I saw some say E.55th, although I'm not sure I think this will be way closer than that. Just letting you know:confused: