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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fishintechnician, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. fishintechnician

    fishintechnician Amateur legend

    i catch alot of my own bait either with a sein or a throw net. i usually target minnows, suckers, chubs, shad, and soft crawls. i was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere i might go to get it to some bait. i've done alright on minnows and soft crawls this year, no huge numbers just enough for a trip or two. i haven'y been able to find any shad this year, i've got in to some little ones but i would like some 6" or bigger because i usually use them as cut bait. i was also wondering if anyone had any tips on storeing bait, especially softcrawls and shad. my crawls usaully go bad within a week or two and i don't know why. and i've also found that when i freeze my shad they get real soft when thawn out, any advice would be greatly appericiated. if anyone would want to go out and catch bait with me pm me and we can set something up, be more than willing to split my catch for the assistance and advice. thanks:eek:
  2. fshnfreak

    fshnfreak I fish therefore I am!!

    we used to save shiners for lake erie perchin. and we would keep them cool then right before we freeze them let them dry out not to the point where they get stiff just rubbery. then salt the piss out of em both sides and put them in the vacum sealer and pop em in the freezer. i hope this helps ya out.

  3. My brothers and i use a cast net to catch our bait.

    a lot of rivers that are shallow usually has good amounts of shad. we throw the net out about a good dozen times in different areas and end up with more bait than needed.

    as far as storing them...i use old fish tanks at my house with an air unit attached. we store all sorts of shad, minnows, even soft craws in there. since i live near most of the places i fish i dont bother freezing them...i just net them and head out.