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Bait tank or trophy fish tank?

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Rooster, Aug 14, 2004.

  1. I was out scouting some spots on the GMR this afternoon. I saw a pick-up with two large blue barrels on their side in the bed. I watched a guy pull some bait out of one of the barrels. It might just be a GREAT bait tank, and some fellow fishermen. But my first thought was that the barrels are used for transporting catfish. With the recent illegal activity, it just got me thinking. Any ideas? If it is indeed someone transporting catfish, I would have no problem staking out the spot, and waiting to see something illegal before calling the authorities.
  2. Unless you actually follow them to a pay lake and watch them sell some fish, they aren't doing anything illegal.

  3. Yea they could be using that tank for lots of things. I know guys with better bait setups than some of the equipment we have here at the hatchery i work at. I met i guys once that just had to much money, he used a fish hualer that fills up the back of a truck just for his bait. Even if they are keeping fish it is hard to tell what they are doing with them. I keep a lot of fish and i dont sell them.

    Unless you know they are selling them i wouldnt do anything. For me the only thing worse than getting caught for doing something wrong is be accused of doing somthing i didnt do.
  4. I didn't accuse anyone of doing anything illegal, just asked a question.
  5. large blue barrels alot of pay lakers keep there bait in them usally if they are into saling catfish u will c much larger tanks my nabor runs a pay lake he has one tank on a trailer and anouther the full size of his truck bed
  6. shuvlhed1

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    of the suspect vehicles. Rooster, PM me and let me know where it was at, I am guessing it was at my usual spot. I have that vehicles license #, and the other truck that was with that one Saturday night. I am being as specific as I can when I send messages to the DNR. If I can remember to bring the paper I wrote it down on I will be sending that info to the DNR. Those barrels are paylake specials. I used to see those things all the time at paylakes. Mostly they are used to carry bait, but when you have 2 of them you are probably transporting fish. And he is, Insane has seen him do it.