bait stores near rocky river

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  1. Does anyone know where you can get maggots and minnows near rocky river... i fish from cedar point rd to the marina and the only place i used was L&D tackle ..... he closed shop and i have no idea where to get live bait this time of year near the river..... thanks

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    Natural Strike. Barton Road in North Ridgeville between Center Ridge and Lorain Road. 327-0032

  3. Go to Franks Tackle 10802 Madison Ave Cleveland then you just go down Madison all the way to the Rock. Madison turns into Detroit or ends at Detroit about 1/2 mile from the Park.
  4. Thanks for the info .....i live 3 min away from Natural Strike and never realized it was there .... someone told me there is a store on madison i just could not remember the name..... again thanks guys;)


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    Parma Pets between Snow and Brookpark, open all year.
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    Thanks for the Frank's Tackle info. He's open till 6:00PM today and tomorrow. I needed some waxies. Going to try for some smelt tonight.