bait store?

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  1. does anyone know the name and ph.# of a bait store at buckeye lake :G
  2. may be there is no bait stores at buckeye:(

  3. shroomhunter

    shroomhunter USMC 1979-1983

    Buckeye Outdoors 740-926-3474
    Millersport Bait & Tackle 740-467-2707

    There is another shop in the village of Buckeye Lake but I don't have the contact info. I like to get my minnies from Millersport B & T, he is stocked and ready for you!!
  4. with this south wind better plan on fishing the south side, North bank will be pushed full of ice or what is left of it,and the road going into the park there is closed/gone. I might just be dropping some crappie nibbles around the floating docks at fairfield in a few hrs. After 11:30 call me at 740 404 8833 I should of been there for half hour anyhow