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  1. I was wondering where are some optional places to buy shiners to fish the Maumee River. I go to Gary's shop when I reach Maumee, but a year or so ago, he ran out while we were there and didn't have them for days. I'm coming from Cincinnati. Is there any place as I approach the river that I could go as an alternative for shiners?


  2. I don't know if that place going downtown is still there or not. I forgot the name, they use to have big shiners there. I don't know if they closed up. I was trying to find shiners near Maumee Bay State Park. It seems as if most of the people on this site fish with artificial. Hey guys, do you know where the bait stores are?

  3. Hit up a pet store for feeder guppys or feeder goldfish, its cheaper and they are bigger!
  4. There's a carryout on broadway near the toledo zoo. I believe they sell shiners. Also there is a new place at the poor man tire store in east toledo off miami street. Hey just started the poor man's bait shop and should have shiners now. Hours 6am-8pm. Out by the lake on SR 2 there is zunks. And off Corduroy rd butch and dennys bait shop and down a block is Sczuch's. Those would be maybe a 1/2 hour from gary's.

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    from what ive heard (DO NOT QUOTE lol) the NEW bass pro shop is due to open i believe on june 17 or around there and they might carry live bait like cabelas but bass pro is going to be in toledo with aint far from the maumee so its worth a shot if you cant get any from garys
  6. Gary had a bazillion shiners in the tank the other day when I was in there...

  7. Sometimes Gary runs out of shiners or have small crappie shiners. I was looking for big shiners.
  8. Are goldfish allowed as bait in Ohio?
  9. I use the feeder fish so I dont see why they wouldnt be
  10. I've read that in some states they are banned since they are non-native and pretty destructive to the natural habitat if left to live and thrive.

    I happen to have two goldfish that were $.12 feeder fish seven years ago at a pet store. I was into ponding for a while. They are very pretty and probably 8" or 9" long. I need a bigger aquarium for them to grow.