bait shops at skeeter.

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  1. Does anyone know any numbers to the bait shops at skeeter. lindas just stays busy andi cant find any of the of the numbers online. also has any one been to there websight there is a message saying it was hacked.
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    Hacked By Techno Punk

    Wonder whats that about.

    Back to the baitshops.
    There is a baitshop right on the other side of the causeway.
    There is a smaller one in the state park.
    Another one is located near the dam, can not remeber its name though.

  3. Monty's baitshop is on the other side of the causeway from Causeway Bait.
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    Lakeside is located at the junction of 305 and rt 5. Right across the street from the east shore launch.
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  6. thanks everyone. I did manage to get a hold of them. hopefuly i'll have a report for u today or tomarrow
  7. The bait shop by the state park closed on Sunday...Sorry:)
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    Be careful. Skeeter can get pretty nasty with the big winds we will be having.