bait shop opening on st rt 14

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  1. bait shop will be opening on st rt 14 just outside the circle towards a couple of weeks.
    located on the sharp curve by the rt 14 bridge.on left in a white building.
    will have a varity of baits for all fishing needs. hours will be 5:00 am to 10:00pm 7 days a week. later on weekends if buiness calls for it.
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  2. Hey that's a nice spot you got there. I always see that building on the way down to fish the bridge and was wishing it was open. I will be seeing you plenty once it warms a little bit.

  3. Interested in selling Crooked Creek baits?
    Tubes are our specialty.:D
  4. Beer:30

    Beer:30 ReelAddiction ch.68

    how far is that from the bridge? is it with in walking distance, if I beach the boat?
  5. i can't wait. i'll se ya a lot this spring/summer.
  6. It is probally 200yrds from bridge.
  7. If i'm driving south from 76, Where off the circle are you located? South off the circle or north, and how far? Minnows seem to be scarce this time of the year.
  8. if you take rt 14 east from the circle i am right down the road.
  9. BigMha

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    how far from west branch? trying to picture where on rt. 14 you are. i am familiar with the west branch area on 14...would i keep coming up 14 going past the lake?
  10. yes keep going pass the lake, go until you hit deerfield take 14 east.