bait caster rod need help?

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  1. just looking for some help on what is a good fishing line for new bait caster rod? any help would be good
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    what kind of fishing do u do? its been my experience i wouldnt personally go any smaller than 10lb test for any baitcaster i own. i usually line up with either 10 or 12. i recently tried the gamma copolymer and im real pleased so far the real test will be how bad it twists on my spinning gear.

  3. Baitcasters are pretty much designed to throw heavy line. If you are just starting to use it I would spool 15# test or heavier. IMO its easier to learn to throw. Also make sure your spool tension is a little high. That way it'll help not to get so many backlashes. Tip: If you make a bad cast, thumb the spool immediately if not sooner!!
  4. Definitely if you're just starting out..Practice with mono first then progress to braid, if you like. 12# or so line should be good to start. It's alot easier to untangle backlashes with thicker line.
  5. My baitcasters are filled with anything from 10# to 30# test line. I use mono, I know I'm way behind the times, but I'm comfortable with it. I match my line to , the fish I'm hunting for, the lure I'm throwing, and the snagginess of the area I'm working. Of course, I also match the rod and reel to the particular line.
  6. I'm still new to baitcasters, went through 2 spools of line because what came on it was ok, put a 12 mono on at the end of the season last year, and this year I spooled it with 14 vanish florocarbon...LOVE IT! still get the occasional backlash but nothing like before.

    I guess it's a combination of me getting better each time out and having the better line on it.
  7. I bought that BPS baitcaster..... what do you recommend putting on that reel? i want to make sure I have the right setup for best success!!!

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    If you're new to baitcasting, I would suggest mono in the 15 lbs test range and up until you are used to using it. I would not suggest going lower than 10 lbs test.
  9. Barefootboy, I too use mono. Tried and true for me. I tried fireline last year and didn't like it too much. I had line breaks with fireline and learning new knots is not fun for me.