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  1. Thinking about making a trip down to the bahamas later this month or next, anyone recomend any good spots?? Willing to do it all, flats, offshore, reef, guided, on my own, fly, whatever. Looking for fairly affordable lodging and fishing, but willing to fork over some decent cash if its a good bang for the buck.
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    I've only been two places in the Bahamas - Paradise Island/Nassau, and Abaco. Didn't care much for Nassau, but I love Abaco. It's a lot less developed, much lower crime rate, awesome nearly deserted beaches, the people are extremely nice, and the bonefishing is excellent. It is however, more expensive.

    Another cool thing about Abaco, is its layout - It's a long main Island with a semi-circle of outer islands to the east. In between is the Sea of Abaco (see map), where you can rent a boat to run around and not be tossed around by ocean size waves.

    I've been to Abaco twice and stayed in Marsh Harbour both times. We're going back in the second week of March and will be staying in Treasure Cay this time. Last time I was there, we paid $350 for a full day with bonefish guide Jimmy Lowe in Cherokee Sound, and also caught some bones on our own using fly rods. We caught a fair number of baracudas in the flats too, on topwaters and soft jerkbaits. The enormous flat along the west side of the main island is called the "Marls" and is supposed to be bonefish heaven. We tried reef fishing on our own, using conch slop per local advice, but weren't very successful. Might hire a guide for that this time.

    The deep sea fishing is also very good there, better in late spring/early summer though. Not sure about deep sea guide availability, not my thing.

  3. Thanks for the info, much appreciated, I'm gonna keep looking into it, and may just go check it out.
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