Bagging Salmon Eggs

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  1. My pal, caught a female steelhead and it was full of eggs. We were given Salmon Eggs by another Friend. I have a bagger and every thing I need. Can some one give my some directions on how to bag them????
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    get some magic thread and make them dime size . the thread just wraps around and stays.trim off excess. cure them first or use raw and freeze . then bring out enough for the day. but i am a noob so you will get some better replies.

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    heres how i do it, i cut up the skien a differant couple of sizes( do 2 sometime the want only small sacks and sometime only big) but anywho, i cut them into chunks into a bowl( do not use tap water, chlorine will kill smell) dont rinse at at!!!! after cutting all chunks into bowl i pour the egg jucie into a small container(ill say why in a min.) and place the chunks onto a paper towel. after getting all the juice off of the chunks, put back into bowl and pour enough pro cure from atlas just enough to cover them, plip the chuncks over and do the same.... after you start to see the juice form up on the bottom, stir them around in it a couple of times for only 15 min..... afterwards, seperate chunks onto a clean paper towel and let dry for 1 hour. then i take a blow dryer and blow on low heat till all the juice on the outside in dry...... be sure not to make the outside crispy!!!!! and just sack them up. for some reason. if i know im going to go in a couple of days, ill let the roe sit in the fridge for a couple of days uncured and they smell alittle better.
    as to putting the left over juice into a container. I always slam them when useing single egg patterns, sucker spawn and woolybuggers dipped in the juice.... try it, it works.... One day i wan out of sacks and only had sucker spawn flies and wasnt catching n e thing, so i put the sucker spawn in the empty jar that i had my eggs in and got the smell on it and started catching fish..... I never leave home with out it now!!!
  4. Thanks for all the replies