bad trader feedbacfor a member?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by freyedknot, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. freyedknot

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    how long should i wait fo a parcel to show up from a member in ohio. he has had my money for almost 2 weeks. = no packages and contact with him is at a nill w/ pm's and phone calls.
  2. Gju42486

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    i say its time now, 2 weeks is to long IMO UNLESS- he has a good reason, family problems, sudden deaths, medical problems ect. I say get the mods/admin involved first, if no response- make it known. Was it a large sum of cash? :(

  3. misfit

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    check your pm's.
  4. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    no not a lot of money. i am trying to nudge him in the right direction. but i would hate for it to happen to others. i sent him a pm and called him this am. i will wait till tomorrow.
  5. misfit-
    I sent you a PM on this subject. I'm in the same boat as freyedknot. Been waiting for merchandise going on three weeks. I want to give the guy the benefit of the doubt, but....
  6. 2 or 3 weeks is way long enough to send any package by mail. I bought some stuff on ebay that was in the U.K. It only took a week to get my stuff. I think they skipped town on ya.
  7. In my opinion the guy should answer messages left him on the phone, if he indeed has issues/emergencies on his end it would only take 2 minutes on the phone to straighten things out and put you at ease, my Father passed as I was in the process of selling alot of firearm related stuff in various classified sections around the net...and even though it put me behind a couple days I still got peoples stuff in the mail/ups to them, if your sure they have your $$$ and you havent recieved your merchandise from somebody shipping instate after 3 weeks then something if no doubt fishy at best, I just bought some AR mags from a guy in Oklahoma a few weeks back, my mags were to me within 3-4 days after he recieved my Money Order.
  8. I feel it is time to post the guys name . so the rest of us don;t deal with him. I got a guy says he;s gonna send the money but never does , I wrote him off . I:LL put the tackle back up for sale [man did he miss out I thru in a bunch of extras ,just to clear the box, ]
  9. misfit

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    no,it's not time for that .i am aware of the situation,including name(s) and am dealing with matters.though it's frustrating,there may be various circumstances people are not aware till such time as i have followed up,let's not jump to conclusions and crucify anyone just yet.
    also,please read the following from the market place rules.
  10. I don't think 2 weeks is long enough to get wound up about. Personally, I send stuff out within a few days when I am the sellor. But, I have purchased several items from members here - some have come in lightning speed; some not so fast - never had any problems though.

    I bought a large box of stingers from a guy on here and sent him my check. Over 2 weeks later I hadn't received anything and sent a pm. He never answered my pm, but the box showed up as described the next week. You just don't know what could be going on with a sellor. I posted I would take a net not long ago, but left Ohio the next morning for vacation. A week later I hooked up with the sellor and made the purchase. I don't think it is appropriate to blast a member on the public forums unless you actually get ripped off. Phone calls, PMs and working with Mods to resolve the problem is the right approach.