Bad Tangy Day

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  1. Thought for sure the bite'd be on this afternoon, but not for me. I'm a novice fly-fisherman, so some of it probably was technique! Anyway, I waded upstream 3 or 400 yards starting at the bike path bridge at Olentangy Park (?). It's that little metro park off of Wilson Bridge Rd. I waded up and back down. It took about three hours. I tried Matukas, I think that's what they're called, with black, brown , and red dressing. I then tried clousers, those little bug-eyed flies. I tried two types, black/white, and white/blue sparkly hairs. The only fish I caught were two little rock bass. Those were on the downstream return trip. I caught them both on a brown/black muddler minnow with a light colored head. Water clarity was pretty decent, but the wind was fairly brisk out of the NW. When you're not too good a fly caster, like myself. the wind makes it pretty challenging.
  2. I hit up the Olentangy around Dodridge road this morning and landed about a dozen white bass after being out there only an hour. I had the waders on and managed to catch just about all of them in the same spot. I was tossing a culprit worm with a speckled chartreuse swirl tail. None of them were over a pound but it was still fun to land a bass just about every other cast. Best day on the Olentangy so far for me, and the first time catching white bass out there.

  3. Tuna,

    There are definitely fish in that area. Lots of big carp under the 270 bridge and plenty of rock bass and a few SM and LM. I have always had more success there spinning versus fly fishing (more and bigger fish). My fly fishing skills are also on the novice side, but even when I fish with others that are more accomplished, they don't do very well there. That area does get a fair amount of pressure compared to other areas.
  4. Until reading your responses I thought maybe the constant vibrations of the on-ramp and 270 bridge piers down into the water might have an adverse effect on the fishing. Guess not!
  5. Tried fly-fishing the Tangy again today. This time I tried fishing upstream from the Goodale St. bridge. My intent was to fish all the way to 3rd Ave., but the cobble stones proved too difficult to wade very fast. Anyway, caught nothing, not even a tap. I used dark matukas, dark and light clousers, dark muddlers, and light wooly buggers. The water was dirtier and murkier than yesterday up near 270, don't know why.
  6. Were you wading below Griggs Thursday (5/22) around noon? If so, I was wading there. Not much luck, only got a 16" smallie and a small rock bass slow retrieving a spinner through the rapids.
  7. Nope, haven't been below Griggs Dam at all yet, this year. I tried for crappies above the dam a couple weeks ago, but that's it, so far for Griggs.
  8. I do very well on teh fly rod on that river. Using bead head flies with a little flash kills the smallies and rockbass, and if you keep a little tension on teh swing, you won't get snagged like you might with spinning tackle either.

    I suggest fishing sunset as well, as there is usually a good hatch going on, and the fishing picks up.

    Keep an eye out for tailing carp, and don't give up on the Tangy, she produces.
  9. j,

    Do you notice a difference in size of fish when you fly fish versus spin?