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Bad Saturday

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by jimnrg, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. Today was about the worst day I've experienced on the GMR. I got to the 41 bridge at noon on the dot and attempted to fish a few of my favorite spots downstream but not a single bite. Not on Minnows or any of my growing arsenal of lures. So I go north on the bike path walking in my waders and feeling like a jacka** and start searching for a safe crossing to get at least under the bridge. I found a couple that started out promising then dead-ended. I finally came through a small stand of trees just below the golf course and came out by the shallow pool on the northeast side of the bridge. Just as I come out in the open a fisherman already on the edge of the island and fishing that pool reachs in the water and pulls up a northern pike about 24" long(at first I thought it was a large saugeye so that gives you an idea of length). He holds it up proudly and shows it to me then stuffs it in his stuff to die. What he did was legal and so I just turned around and searched for another safe access point and finally found one right below the bench on the grass berm beside the bike path at the very bottom of the golf course. I got in and fished minnows and threw lures until 2:15 with still no sign of a fish in my neighborhood so I track across to the hole directly under the bridge. At 2:32 I caught a 10 inch LM followed 5 minutes later by a small rockie. By this time the wind was blowing colder and harder than ever and the clouds looked like they were going to open up at any minute so I called it a day. Today sucked. I can't wait to get out there again!
  2. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

    NorthSouthOhioFisherman The Young Outdoorsman

    I just have to comment on how much I love your statement ;)
    Better Luck Next Time

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    What a waste. A 24" inch Pike packed away like a ham sandwich.
    I hear ya Jim, what a bad day. Hit some holes this morning and got nothing... I had to come back home and break out the ultralight for white bass to avoid getting skunked. I hope tomorrow is better....
  4. :mad: I have a goal of one day catching a pike on the GMR with dumb a** like that it may take a lot longer, or not happen at all. Whats the point I have tried both Esox at Lake St.Clair Canada and they do not taste good at all. If the locals that live on that lake can't make it taste good then I don't really think this jerk can. Anyway, sorry you had a bad day Jim. I was thinking about going down to the dam area today but I may reevaluate that decision.
  5. He had a whole mess of fish but when he held the whole stringer up I culdn't tell what they were but from a little experience in fishing that area I'd say small bass and possibly crappie and bluegill. My main concern is that that particular fish was at prime breeding size or at least nearing it. I would not take a pike from the GMR in this area unless it was a bona fide IGFA world record and then I would attempt to do a live transport, weigh-in and rerelease ASAP. I don't need a stuffed fish skin on my wall or mantle to remind me of the fun I had and the people who know me would accept my word that I caught a big fish without having to produce a corpse. That being said, I don't begrudge anyone a trophy and don't look down on them or disrespect them for keeping a fish or any other animal that has had a chance to pass on it's genes a number of times and is on the downward slope of it's virility. *pants and catchs my breath*That's my rant for the month.
  6. I don't know why any GMR angler would take pike. There population is not well established. I have fished that river only 5 times now and I know that. I'm sure this guy has been there before, wouldn't any smart angler want the population to get well established? Oh well this is just preaching to the choir.
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    You forgot to say "Can I get an 'amen'?!!" :) Yeah, preaching to the choir. The sad truth of it is probably 9.5 out of 10 fishermen could care less about a species that is trying to establish a population at any location. They only care about what they can show off to others (they called cameras, people) and/or what they can stuff in their freezer. They are likely unaware of how rare that particular species is in Ohio, kind of makes you wonder if there were educational material for anglers in the form of literature, special regulations, or signs posted if that would make a slight bit of difference. I have read A LOT of aquaculture and angling literature from the state of Ohio (among others), it's easy to come to the conclusion that if it happens outside of Lake Erie they don't care. They put Northern Pike in a few area rivers in the 80's and now finding any study information or anything on it is like trying to find a "W" on the Bengal's schedule.
  8. A couple months back, I was fishing a local pond for bass. There's usually people there only to say they went fishing with no clue about pretty much anything. Well, one particular day some lady (looked like she had spent many long nights at bars) came down there with her boyfriend (who didn't really habla if you know what I mean). They had a couple rods that were likely gotten from some old garage sale along with some bobbers and worms. Old boy caught a carp about 20" long...then while his barfly friend and he were whooping around and holding it up with obvious glee (and trying to figure out how to get it unhooked) he pulled out a plastic walmart bag and put the fish in it. A minute or two later, the lady asked me what kind of fish it was...since she opened the communication line with me (not real happy about that fact) I proceeded to tell her a couple things. First, the pond is designated as catch and release only. Second, he had caught a carp and I know of no one who eats them...much less how they should be prepared. I'm not saying it doesn't happen...just that I know no one who does it. I then mentioned that they can find descriptions of fish native to this area where they bought their fishing licenses. She became real quiet after I inferred they had bought fishing licenses...likely because such a thought had likely never crossed her nor her amigo's mind. I hate ignorant people. Needless to say, about 30 seconds after my discussion with her, her compadre put the fish back in the water and it swam off.