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  1. I just got word that my brother's company is being mobilized and sent to Iraq. He is on his way to California for a month of training and will be home for 2 weeks before heading over seas to the big sandbox. Please keep them all in your prayers.

    GOD Bless America!!!!
  2. From a vet, you got it bud and I will say He listens to fishermen...


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    Your brother will be in our prayers. I have a son who is over there now so I know what it is like to worry. He has been there for a while and said things are fairly calm right now. Maybe he's just telling his mom that so she won't worry. God bless your brother and all who have served.

  4. Thanks guys. It's been a tough 24 hours and he's only going to California right now. It's really going to be hell come October. :(
  5. This ol' Nam vet prays daily for all our troops & their loved ones. I will add your brother & his loved ones to my list.
    God Bless & keep them all!
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    You got it. Your brother has the best training in the world. He'll be fine. My old unit is there right now. They left in the beginning of summer for one year.
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    I've had one son already over there and my youngest is now in USMC boot camp and will probably be somewhere over that way in a year or so. My thoughts go out daily for our military members.
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    Got this email this morning about my brother-in-law. Looks like Iraq is the "safe" war now...

    Hay Mike. How's it going? I don't know if you read the latest about ****'s base. They have been under attack for a few days now. On Monday suicide bombers in two cars tried to get onto his base (Salerno in Khost Province). The cars blew up and killed Afghan workers waiting to get on base to work. Then yesterday 15 Taliban strapped with explosives to their chests tried to get on his base again. The Taliban failed. Sounds like some intense fighting the last few days. **** has emailed me briefly a couple times to say hello and all is well. Just wanted to let you know in case you've been reading news.
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    Oh, by the way. There is A LOT of stuff going on in both places you don't read or hear about in the US media.
    For instance the four US soldiers beheaded in Afghanistan in late June...

    Keep all of those soldiers and their families left at home worrying in your thoughts as you go about your daily lives.
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    Where is your proof of that? There is nothing on the net about that. That would be all over the news. That could not be kept quite, by the troops or the press. Do you really think that comment was appropriate for a prayer request. What were you thinking man? Sorry to rant.
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    No problem. Rant away.
    Proof? From family that is over there witnessing firsthand. You would be amazed at what our "lib@3l" media doesn't report. Want some pictures?
    On second thought...I won't send pictures. Once they are out, they are out. Kind of like the Abu Ghraib pictures.
    Was it appropriate? In hindsite, probably not.

    Like I said:

    Keep all of those soldiers and especially their families left at home worrying in your thoughts as you go about your daily lives.