Bad News in Presque Isle

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  2. Not that big of deal if you're fishing the head of the bay and the ponds

    E: Presque Isle - 1/15/2009 11:36:11 PM
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    Status: offline deerblazer & others,if you dont know what your talking about please dont post..these ships come in every year about this time and they never go that far west once they go thru the channel,so the ice will not be affected west of the public dock.people are already fishing 1st and 2nd parking not sure the ice thinkness there,but going 2 get a report on it 1st thing 2morrow.
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  3. Looking to go up to PI next weekend, grew up in Erie.

    GEOWOL is correct the only area effected will be mostly out by the channel and where they decide to park the boats. The "head" will be fine probably to the second parking lot.

    I would like to know the thickness, thanks for posting once you get your info.
  4. Ditto gk. I would like to get an ice thickness report on either 1st or 2nd lot. Hate to make the drive for nothing.

    I'm monitoring this on other sites, so if I see anything I'll post...