Bad-Luck Louie's Lunker LM from Saturday

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by dKilla, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Last Saturday Lou and I were out at Alum trolling for Muskie. After about 4 hours with no action we decided to pull em in and head for home. Just as we began to pull the lines in this LM smacked one of the trolling plugs. We had no scale but the fish was 23.5" long with a 16" girth...plug it into the formula and it comes in somewhere about 7Lbs...Definitely a :B !!!


  2. That fish doesnt go well with his nickname:D nice LM
  3. Marshall

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    Nice bass lou! There are some pigs in Alum.
  4. littleking

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    way to go louie! your boating the fish this year!
  5. NewbreedFishing

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    VERY NICE! you big guys make those big fish seem small!!
  6. I wish I had some of the bad luck that this Louie guy has.:D:D

    Great fish man! Congratulations!!!

  7. Especially with that story!
  8. According to the In-fiserman formula LxLxL/1600, your fish weighed 8.11 POUNDS!!!
  9. yea...there's about 18 different formulas out there. I went with one that was in the middle...if I would have posted 8.1 Lbs some smart a$$ on here would have given me a hard time for sure.

    I used (L x L)W/1200 = 7.36 Lbs