Bad fishing when moon is visible during the day !

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  1. :S Every time I go fishing I look up to see if the moon is visible at daybreak. This Sunday I fished Pymatuning for Musky and Bass and had no luck ! Nothing ! Not even a small one. My son and I looked up and noticed that the moon was visible the entire time we were out. From 6:30am to 2:00pm. My wife who is a better than average fisherman once told me that during the day when the moon is in sight, the fish refuse to bite. So far she has been right on the money ! Has anyone else ever heard of this ?

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    Not sure for fishing
    BUT it stunk this weekend for deer hunting .

  3. i talked to some old man at the marina yesterday after our worst day of perchin' ever - and he said the same thing about the moon.

    then he said '...oh, and you just suck'. :p

    just kidding...but seriously, he did say that about the moon.
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    I can't imagine what the science would be behind something like that, but Parmabass and I had a slow going on Erie too (did get our limit though). I saw reports from others who got their limit in no time.

    The high pressure system that coincides with a cloudless blue sky is pretty commonly thought to cause lockjaw. And without such a day you wouldn't see the moon, so I bet it has more to do with the high pressure system than anything lunar.
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    Mirror, I heard due to the thousands of deer dying because of this new disease has lowered populations and effected hunting in OH,WV and PA.

    As for the moon one thought always was how it effects pressure as cory said, dont forget how the moon effects the tides.

    I wouldnt blame it all on the man in the moon though, im sure theres a ratio somewhere.
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    I don't want to say that it does have an effect, but when the moon and sun are in the same general area of the sky, at the same time, the tidal pattern will change. You end up having an increased gravitational pull, and higher tides in the morning, as well as lower high-tides the evening prior, since the moon would not have been in a usual position relative to the sun. Under circumstances where the moon is visible at night, the gravitational force of the moon, and of the sun, negatively effect each-other, so high and low tides are less disparate. I don't know why that would affect feeding patterns, though.
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    That's not what I meant. I don't think the moon has any affect on the barometric pressure. I'm just saying that when a high pressure system rolls through, whether you can see the moon or not (though you likely will be able to), the bite will be tough.
  8. I like when they are up together if the fish are deeper. Itll set with the sun in a week. The fish at 20feet are hittin when the dim light starts. Whether morning or evening. When the nights warm they be bitin am. As the moon sets with the sun itll be a afternoon bite. By then itll be cold again at night with a new moon and back to morning in the steam. I think now most are night biting before midnight! Moons strait up.